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Johnston 4BBB Open

Sunday, 7th July 2024

Oxley Mixed Open

Sunday, 23rd June 2024

Spring Seniors' 4BBB Open

Thursday, 16th May 2024

May Bank Holiday Men's 4BBB Open

Monday, 6th May 2024

September Seniors Open

Thursday, 7th September 2023

WinnerAndy Leslie (Longridge GC)47 pts£110
WinnerAndy Morton (Longridge GC)47 pts£110
Runner upMike Gray (Lancaster GC)44 pts£80
Runner upChris Foster (Lancaster GC)44 pts£80
3rd PlaceGordon Turner (West Linton)43 pts£65
3rd PlacePat Murray (Dunber)43 pts£65
4th PlacePaul Wilson (UGC)42 pts£50
4th PlaceKenny Mutton (UGC)42 pts£50
5th PlaceColin Sproule (Keswick GC)42 pts£35
5th PlaceShane Coulthard (Keswick GC)42 pts£35

4 Person Team Open

Monday, 28th August 2023

Bob Baker Seniors Open

WinnerDavid Smith
Mark Humphries
Runner upBarry Hayton
M Baker
47 pts£100
3rd PlaceMark Thistlethwaite
Chris McNulty
47 pts£80
4th PlaceAndy Morton
Andy Leslie
46 pts£60
5th PlaceSteve Taylor
Steve Clawley
45 pts£40

Harold Dearden Mixed Open

Sunday, 6th August 2023

WinnersFiona Campbell
George Ambrose
43 pts£120
Runner upClive Washbourn
Catherine Devereux
42 pts£80
3rd PlaceDiana Westmorland
Phil Greenwood
41 pts£60
4th PlaceAmanda Ratcliffe
Keith Ashcroft
41 pts£50
5th PlaceSarah Munro
Fergus Munro
41 pts£40

Captain’s Am/Am Open

Sunday, 30th July 2023

WinnersP Hughes
P Hodgkinson
G Nickson, J Thomas
87 pts£60 each
2nd PlaceM Kelly
C Stephenson
P Anthony
S Daniels
86 pts£50 each
3rd PlaceD Heighton
J McGovern
K Wilson
S Brown
84 pts4th each
Nearest Pin 5th HoleM Phizacklea
Nearest Pin 10th HoleT McCarthy
Yellowball 1st PrizeT Gregg
A Gregg
T Rooney
D Linklater
Yellowball 2nd PrizeI Campbell
M Wowk
M Taylor
D Tracey

Johnston Open

Sunday, 2nd July 2023

WinnerDaniel Warren (Staining GC)42 pts110
WinnerMartin Whelan (Staining GC)42 pts110
Runner upAndrew Dorrian (UGC)42 pts80
Runner upJohn Booth (UGC)42 pts80
3rd PlaceDaniel Fox (Windermere GC)41 pts60
3rd PlaceDavid Ellis (Windermere GC)41 pts60
4th PlaceCharles Dent (UGC)41 pts40
4th PlaceColin Campbell (UGC)41 pts40
5th PlaceMobishir Rawthore (Worsley M)41 pts30
5th PlaceA Niaz (Worsley M)41 pts30

Ladies Team of 3 Open

Tuesday, 13th June 2023

W G Martin Open

Sunday, 4th June 2023

Overall WinnerLuke Quint138£250
Overall Runner UpKerry Morrow142£150
Overall 3rd PlaceCraig Morrow143£100
Overall 4th PlaceGary Watson145£50
Best Gross AMBryan Rhodes75£50
Best Gross PMLuke Walker71£50
Best Nett AMMark Diamond72270£50
Best Nett PMMarc McAloone76967£50

Shotgun Start 4 Person Team Open

Monday, 29th May 2023

WinnerMatthew Boyd96 pts£55
WinnerAidy Hall96 pts£55
WinnerKen Watson96 pts£55
WinnerKen Batty96 pts£55
Runner UpKeiran Wardle93 pts£45
Runner UpMark Tyson93 pts£45
Runner UpRuss Bolton93 pts£45
Runner UpJack Cairns93 pts£45
3rd PlaceJohn Turner93 pts£35
3rd PlaceColin Cross93 pts£35
3rd PlaceJames Lockhart93 pts£35
3rd PlaceIan Shuttleworth93 pts£35
Nearest Pin 8th (33 CM)Graham Allen£25
Nearest pin 10th (235 CM)Paul Brennan£25

Oxley Mixed Open

Sunday, 28th May 2023

WinnerShirley Riley (Lancaster)47 pts£120
WinnerDaniel Parkinson (Lancaster)47 pts£120
Runner UpMoe Hayhurst (Longridge)45 pts£75
Runner UpBill Hayhurst (Longridge)45 pts£75
3rd PlacePaul Summers (Northcliffe)44 pts£50
3rd PlaceAlison Summers (Northcliffe)44 pts£50
4th PlaceSusan Cross (Gog Magog)44 pts£35
4th PlaceJohn Cross (Gog Magog)44 pts£35
5th PlaceDavid Smith (Nelson)43 pts£25
5th PlaceLinda Smith (Nelson)43 pts£25
Pro Shop Draw 1st PlaceStewart Jones (Bellingham)£40
Pro Shop Draw 2nd PlaceJonathan Cross (Lancaster)£30
Pro Shop Draw 3rd PlaceMaurice Hawker (Carus Green)£20

May Seniors Individual Open

Thursday, 18th May 2023

Overall 1stCharles Hough40 pts£120
Overall 2ndGary Hotchkiss38 pts£100
Overall 3rdGraham Hempsall38 pts£80
Overall 4thNeil Webster38 pts£60
50-59, 1st placePhil Thompson37 pts£50
50-59, 2nd placeIan Anderson36 pts£40
50-59, 3rd placeMark Harle36 pts£30
60+ 1st placeDavid Lloyd37 pts£50
60+ 2nd placeChris Mason36 pts£40
60+ 3rd placeTerry Kelly36 pts£30

Winter Open

Sunday, 5th March 2023

Winter Open

Sunday, 19th February 2023

October Seniors Open

Thursday, 6th October 2022

WinnerN Smith45 pts£100
WinnerI Reed45 pts£100
2nd PlaceA Tallon44 pts£75
2nd PlaceP Tallon44 pts£75
3rd PlaceD Sanders43 pts£50
3rd PlaceB Kellett43 pts£50
4th PlaceC Bergman41 pts£40
4th PlaceA Gatrell41 pts£40
5th PlaceK Henry41 pts£30
5th PlaceP Armistead41 pts£30

Stainton Jubilee Mixed Team Open

Sunday, 25th September 2022

WinnerS Cross88 pts75
WinnerDA Hall88 pts75
WinnerG Archer88 pts75
WinnerL Archer88 pts75
Runner UpT Akbar85 pts55
Runner UpCS O'Neill85 pts55
Runner UpM Pugh85 pts55
Runner UpR Saunders85 pts55
3rd PlaceG Spavin82 pts40
3rd PlaceS Timperley82 pts40
3rd PlaceJ Barlow82 pts40
3rd PlaceL Norris82 pts40
4th PlaceS Hughes81 pts30
4th PlaceR Hughes81 pts30
4th PlaceG Smith81 pts30
4th PlaceN Smith81 pts30

Seniors Open

Thursday, 8th September 2022

WinnerD Walling (Kendal)47 pts£110
WinnerR Parker (Kendal)47 pts£110
Runner upA Barwise (Windermere)44 pts£80
Runner upR Mitchell (Windermere)44 pts£80
3rd PlaceN Marsden (Rochdale)44 pts£65
3rd PlaceI Barlow (Rochdale)44 pts£65
4th PlaceS Manning (Kendal)43 pts£50
4th PlaceB Sill (Kendal)43 pts£50
5th PlaceS Wilson (Pleasington)42 pts£35
4th PlaceS Walker (Pleasington)42 pts£35

4 Man Team Open

Sunday, 4th September 2022

WinnerK Kirby (UGC)96£75
WinnerL Kirby (Barrow)96£75
WinnerC Kirby (Barrow)96£75
WinnerC Downham (Barrow)96£75
2nd PlaceB Roper (Keswick)94£60
2nd PlaceG Watson (Keswick)94£60
2nd PlaceTBC94£60
2nd PlaceTBC94£60
3rd PlaceA McNichol (Keswick)94£50
3rd PlaceB Kitching (Keswick)94£50
3rd PlaceD Loan (Keswick)94£50
3rd PlaceM Bell (Keswick)94£50
4th PlaceI Booth (UGC)92£35
4th PlaceA Mattinson92£35
4th PlaceB Mason (Sedbergh)92£35
4th PlaceCammy (Sedbergh)92£35

Harold Dearden Mixed Open

Sunday, 7th August 2022

WinnerC Devereux44 pts£100
WinnerC Washborn44 pts£100
Runner upJ Murtagh43 pts£75
Runner upJ Murtagh43 pts£75
3rd PlaceT Akba41 pts£50
3rd PlaceR Saunders41 pts£50
4th PlaceS Alcock41 pts£40
4th PlaceD Alcock41 pts£40
5th PlaceD Skilbeck41 pts£30
5th PlaceK Skilbecl41 pts£30

Bob Baker Seniors’ 4BBB Open

Thursday, 4th August 2022

1st Place (ACPO)Allen Barwise (Windermere GC)
Steve Edmondson (Windermere GC)
45pts£125 Each
2nd Place (ACPO)Andy Jolly (Furness GC)
Steve Chapman (Furness GC)
45 pts£100 Each
3rd Place (ACPO)Dave W Spence (UGC)
Steve Taylor (Elleborough GC)
43 pts£80 Each
4th Place (ACPO)Philip Stanley (Penwortham)
Tom Cameron (Penwortham)
43 pts£60 Each
5th Place (ACPO)B Mellors (Chorley GC)
M Baker (Chorley GC)
42 pts£40 Each

Prizes should be collected from the UGC Pro Alyn Cousins 01229 582824 or email

Johnston Men’s 4BBB Open

Sunday, 3rd July 2022

WinnerNicholas Hillary45 pts£100
WinnerMark Fieldhouse45 pts£100
2nd PlaceDavid Tracey44 pts£75
2nd PlacePeter Beddoes44 pts£75
3rd PlaceMark Bates43 pts£50
3rd PlaceMichael Errington43 pts£50
4th PlaceAlan Dunn43 pts£40
4th PlaceGraham Hempsall43 pts£40
5th PlaceMatthew Pearson43 pts£30
5th PlaceAndy Worrall43 pts£30

W G Martin Scratch Open

Sunday, 5th June 2022

Overall WinnerLuke Quint (Ulverston)137£250
Overall Runner UpMichael Parker (Penrith)141£150
Overall 3rd PlaceKerry Morrow (Ulverston)143£100
Overall 4th PlaceRob Spence (Furness)144£50
Best Gross AMCraig Morrow (Seascale)70£50
Best Gross PMMike Reid (Ulverston)70£50
Best Nett AMPaul Sergeant (Pleasington)791069£50
Best Nett PMGordon Stirling (Ringway GC)73766£50

Oxley Mixed Open

Thursday, 2nd June 2022

Moe Hayhurst (Longridge)49 pts£120
Bill Hayhurst (Longridge)49 pts£120
Sabina Hughes (Ashton & Lea)46 pts£75
Rob Hughes (Ashton & Lea)46 pts£75
Roger Cain (Longridge)44 pts£50
Linda Cain (Longridge)44 pts£50
Kathryn Chivers (Ilkley)44 pts£35
Glenn Chivers (Ilkley)44 pts£35
David Smith (Nelson)43 pts£25
Linda Smith (Nelson)43 pts£25

Captain’s Am/Am Team Open

Sunday, 29th May 2022

WinnerAndy Knipe (UGC)92 pts£50
WinnerJohn Hartshorn (UGC)92 pts£50
WinnerGlenn Todd (UGC)92 pts£50
WinnerTime Fletcher (UGC)92 pts£50
Runner upDave Kirkham91 pts£40
Runner upT Holmes91 pts£40
Runner upS Porter91 pts£40
Runner upT Daverage91 pts£40
3rd PlaceDavid Meagan (Seascale)90 pts£30
3rd PlaceAdam Meagan (Seascale)90 pts£30
3rd PlaceSteve Meagan (Seascale)90 pts£30
3rd PlaceRichard Hubby (Seascale)90 pts£30

Men’s Seniors Individual Open

Thursday, 19th May 2022

Winner 50-59 catKevin Bailey (Hart Common)811368£100
Runner Up 50-59 catGary Risedale74371£75
3rd Place 50-59 catPaul Paxton (UGC)891772£60
4th Place 50-59 catSymon Parkin (UGC)75273£45
5th Place 50-59 catPeter Beddoes (UGC)78375£30
Winner 60+ catR Mumberson (Cockermouth)972671£100
Runner up 60 + catJohn Whetstone (UGC)77671£75
3rd Place 60 + catSteven Roberts (Morecambe)911972£60
4th Place 60 + catJohn Cronshaw (Morecambe)992772£45
5th Place 60 + catRaymond Round (UGC)911872£30

Men’s 4BBB Open

Sunday, 7th May 2022

WinnerSteve Woodburn (UGC)45 pts£100
WinnerLee Atkinson (UGC)45 pts£100
Runner UpTim Fletcher (UGC)44 pts£75
Runner UpDavid Poniznik (UGC)44 pts£75
3rd PlaceAlan McNicol (Keswick)44 pts£50
3rd PlaceBrian Roper (Keswick)44 pts£50
4th PlacePaul Watkins (Southport OL)43 pts£40
4th PlaceAlan Jones (Penwortham)43 pts£40
5th PlaceCallum Fawcett (UGC)42 pts£30
5th PlacePaul Milby (UGC)42 pts£30

Winter 4BBB Stableford Open

Sunday, 14th November 2021

Winter 4BBB Stableford Open

Sunday, 24th October 2021

Winter 4BBB Stableford Open

Sunday, 10th October 2021

Men’s Seniors 4BBB Open

Thursday, 7th October 2021

WinnerS Monk (Poulton le Fylde)44 pts100
WinnerJ Hart (Poulton le Fylde)44 pts100
2nd PlaceD Cooksey (UGC)43 pts75
2nd PlaceS Benson (Barrow)43 pts75
3rd PlaceS Coulson (Penwortham)43 pts50
3rd PlaceJ Wilding (Penwortham)43 pts50
4th PlaceJ Noblett (Penwotham)42 pts40
4th PlaceS Dawson (Penwortham)42 pts40
5th PlaceR Clegg (UGC)41 pts30
5th PlaceM Forrester (UGC)41 pts30
Best AwayB Stevenson (Wilpshire)40 pts25
Best AwayJ Campbell (Wilpshire)40 pts25
Pro Sho Draw WinnerNeil Webster (UGC)30
Pro Shop Draw 2nd PlaceB Clegg (UGC)10

Stainton Jubilee Mixed Team Open

Sunday, 26th September 2021

Alex Walker (UGC)Winner89 pts
Karlyne Whetstone (Furness)Winner89 pts
Nick Doherty (Furness)Winner89 pts
Simon O'Neill (UGC)Winner89 pts
Stephen Gregory (Knott End)2nd Place85 pts
Linda Gregory (Knott End)2nd Place85 pts
Les Whiteside (Lancaster)2nd Place85 pts
Gina Whiteside (Lancaster)2nd Place85 pts
Alan Hewitson (Heysham)3rd Place84 pts
Sue Hewitson (Heysham)3rd Place84 pts
Peter Bracewell (Heysham)3rd Place84 pts
Sarah Bracewell (Heysham)3rd Place84 pts
Susan Hazlitt (Bolton OL)4th Place83 pts
Stephen Hazlitt (Bolton OL)4th Place83 pts
Angela Parker (Shaw Hill)4th Place83 pts
Steve Parker (Shaw Hill)4th Place83 pts

Ladies Team of 4 Shotgun with Buffet

Tuesday, 7th September 2021

Team of 4 Stableford (Shotgun start) 2 scores to count (85% of Course Handicap)

Lisa John, Eve Burns, Sharon Timperley, Jackie GowHeysham90
Colleen O’Neill, Sandie Ewan, Jan Fielding, Marian McBrideUlverston88
Lisa Higham, Kath McKenzie, Liz Grealey, Judith ParkinsonLancaster86
Christine Richardson, Karen Snape, Susie Sulistio, Sue QuickPenwortham84
Jill McGhie, Jill Squire, Shirley, Tania MorganLancaster84
Tracy Calderwood, Vicky Brown, Sarah Bracewell, Sue HewittsonHeysham82
Andrea Kershaw, Linda Wilson, Janet Ollernshaw, Joanne StartinAshton and Lea82
Trudy Hubbard, Sue Chapman, Sue Sharkey, Sara HuntUlverston/Carus Green79
Julie Graham, Liz Horlacher, Jenny Smith, Linda WilsonPenrith78
Alison Wake, Pauline Fawcett, Belinda Wright, Sylvia WilsonAshton and Lea78
Susie Hart, Tina Smith, Julie Ward, Janet MarsdenFairhaven77
Pauline Murray, Joan Myers, Doreen Clegg, Mary SimpsonUlverston77
Rose Saunders, Christine Smith, Amanda Forshaw, Sarah HarrisonUlverston74
Joy Edwards, Carol Edwards, Jane Edwards, Gillian MooreUlverston73
Jackie Moses, Julie Norcliffe, Val Bond, Lesley WilliamsLancaster/Preston71
Glenys Pashley-Crawford, Marie Cummings, Liz Evans, Kate MorrittPenwortham71
Jacky Hogburn, Liz Keary, Janet Casson, Alison LordHeysham69
Lyn Bond, Jo Ashworth, Julia Taylor, Lyn BensonK Lonsdale69

4 Man Team Open

Sunday, 5th September 2021

Men’s Seniors 4BBB Open

Thursday, 2nd September 2021

Bob Baker Seniors Open

Thursday, 5th August 2021

Harold Dearden Mixed 4BBB Open

Sunday, 1st August 2021

Captain’s Am/Am Team Open

Sunday, 11th July 2021

Johnston Trophy 4BBB Open

Sunday, 4th July 2021

Ladies 3 Person Team Open

Tuesday, 8th June 2021

W G Martin Open

Sunday, 6th June 2021

Oxley Mixed Open

Sunday, 30th May 2021

Seniors Spring 4BBB Open

Thursday, 20th May 2021

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